Fortnite On iOS All Set To Go Live In Korea

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Credit: Image via esportsobserver

Epic Games and Apple have been at loggerheads for a while now with respect to Fortnite on iPhone. In a recent ruling, the world's most popular battle royale is all set to return.

Although this is going to be a localized release for now, a worldwide release might follow suit soon.


When is Fortnite coming to iPhone?

Fortnite on iPhone will be available in Korea for now. In a recent statement on the official Fortnite Twitter handle, it was noted that Epic Games had asked Apple to restore their developer account.

According to a new legislature in Korea, Epic Games and Apple would now have their own payment mechanisms in place once Fortnite was re-released in Korea.


The legislature is all set to come into force from September 15th. However, Epic Games would still have to comply with the App Store review guidelines.

There isn't any agreement in place between the two companies just yet. And in the absence of such a document, Fortnite may not come to iPhone even in Korea.

However, in light of such a legislature, the return of the game to iOS devices is more likely than before.

Most importantly, such a legislature could set a global precedent, especially in terms of the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple. Moreover, if this legislature were to turn into law, it would prove to be a blow to the monopoly that Apple and Google hold over the developer market.


Having said that, we still await the return of Fortnite on iPhone in the global market. The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games still waits a verdict.

And from the looks of it, the case might just swing in Epic Games' favor.

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