Ninja Teaches TimTheTatman About Sharks in Fortnite Season 7

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The Sharks in Fortnite Season 7 can be extremely scary. Considering the fact that these monstrous creatures can even jump out of the water towards an enemy on the ground makes them even more dangerous in the game.

Having said that, recently while playing a game in Fortnite Season 7, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins found himself explaining to Timothy "TimTheTatman" John Betar, how these new sharks work in the game. While traveling across a waterbody, Ninja and TimTheTatman found themselves being chased by one of these parasitic sharks in the game.


Let's dive in and check what happened when TimTheTatman thought he was safe from parasitic sharks after reaching the shore.

Ninja explains how Parasitic Sharks work in Fortnite Season 7

For those unaware about Parasitic Sharks in Fortnite Season 7, these creatures are fairly similar to loot sharks that have been a part of Fortnite since Season 3. However, these sharks are now capable of diving on the shore to grab the targetted enemy.

Unfortunately for TimTheTatman, the notable streamer wasn't aware of this change. This resulted in the content creator being taken by surprise when the shark leaped at him from the water and onto the shore. When Ninja heard TimTheTatman's surprising shriek, he ended up chuckling. Following that, Ninja went on to explain that Sharks are now capable of attacking players even on the shore.


Although TimTheTatman was surprised by the attack, he came out unharmed thanks to quick reactions and help from his teammates. Needless to say, these surprise attacks from sharks even on the shore have been extremely scary at given scenarios. However, it does also provide an extra bit of excitement while also posing additional in-game threat for players.

Having said that, it remains to be seen how these Sharks will be affected once the Alien Invasion theme of Season 7 ends and we make our way into a new theme of Fortnite Season 8.