Fortnite Nick Eh 30 Cup: Register, Dates, Prizes and More!

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Fortnite has continued to implement new and exciting content for its Marvel-themed season.

One of the forms of content is the featured creator cups that have occurred over recent months.

From EmadGG to the recently held Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy, Epic appears to be adding more each week.


Now, one of the nicest and most well-known streamers in the world is getting his own cup.

Here are all the details! 


What Is It

Nick Eh 30 announced via Twitter that he will be holding his own competitive Fortnite cup later this month.

This will be a one-time event, where players will have a chance to compete for the top prize.




The cup will take place on November 22nd, the start time of the event will vary depending on your time zone, but for EST gamers it will begin at 3:00 pm EST! 



You can head over to the official Epic Games site here, and register using the button on the page.

Make sure you are logged in to register as well! 



Game Mode

The Nick Eh 30 cup will be a solo event. 



The event will only be played within NAE servers, but you can register even if you do not play on NAE servers. 


Prize Pool


The Nick Eh 30 cup will feature a $10,000 prize pool; the exact distribution of the prize pool is unknown as of now.



The event will run over the course of two rounds, the top 99 players from the first round of the event will join Nick Eh 30 in the final round.

The second round of the event will be a one lobby custom match to determine the best players for the cup!