Fortnite: Multiple Unreleased Exotic Weapons Leaked

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Fortnite Season 5 has finally arrived, and it is packed full of content.

The new interactable NPC's and the bounties are among the biggest highlights from the new season.


As well, some of the skins within the battle pass are amazing.

Although most of the mythic weapons have now been removed for the new season, Epic has introduced Exotic weapons.

These new variants can be found by trading gold bars with NPCs over the map.

There are currently five in the game at the moment, but a new leak suggests multiple new ones are coming soon!


Here's what we know!



MikeDulaimi, or formerly known as FNBRHQ has posted some new Fortnite leaks via FortTory.


This time around they note the following weapons are found within the game files and fall under the Exotic category. 

  • HopRockDualies
  • SMG_Frozen
  • SMG_RunGun
  • Assault_BigMoney
  • Assault_Brrrrst
  • Launcher_DrunkenQuad
  • Sniper_DragonBreath

So, there appear to be seven Exotic weapons within the game files as of now.


Whether or not Epic adds these weapons in the next update is unknown right now.

We can assume they will in the coming future; as the Exotic weapons in the game right now are not the best.

The best one out of the five is the Boom Heavy Sniper; which explodes your enemies on contact. 

We will have to wait and see if Epic adds this soon!