Epic Games Reinstates Fortnite Map Creator After Apology

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Fortnite was recently conducting the Rainbow Royale event to celebrate pride and diversity. However, their event was marred by a few statements made by a popular Fortnite map creator.

Insensitivity is very deep rooted all over the internet. This was proved when the Fortnite Pro 100 map creator AwA went on to make statements like "this is against nature."


In fact, the tweets that the creator liked contained a lot of homophobic comments and slurs. Epic Games was quick to notice this and promptly disabled their Support-A-Creator code. Not only that, they took off the map too.

Fortnite Pro 100 map creator gets reinstated after apology

Seeing this, the map creator was quick to acknowledge his mistake. He went on to term all his statements as his opinions. However, he deleted that apology as well, and posted a second apology.

In the second apology he stated that he grew up in a certain way that taught him to be homophobic. He also went on to state that he was trying to do better. He was still learning and he had to correct a lot.


He hoped that the everyone would give him a second chance because everyone deserves a second chance. This apology did work for Epic Games, because they reinstated his code, and the map too.

Epic Games has disabled Support-A-Creator codes previously whenever creators have violated terms. However, this is the first time that Epic Games reinstated someone's code.


That being said, the fact that Epic Games let them get away with just a slap on the wrist is something that doesn't sit well with the community. But then again, the individual has made it a point to mention that he'll try better.

All the tweets containing his apology have been deleted at the time of writing this article. Personally, I'm not really sure if the individual did learn something from his mistake. I hope that he did.

Because Epic Games may have been kind on him this time. But they won't if he's caught doing something similar again.

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