Fortnite Live Event WARNING: When Should you login to watch Operation Sky Fire

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 is gearing up for an explosive finale. We more or less know what to expect at this point of time.

Keeping that in mind, when should you log in to avoid any problems during the live event?

When should you login to watch the Fortnite live event?

Officially, the Fortnite live event, Operation Sky Fire is all set to take place on September 12th at 1PM PT/4PM ET.

Unlike the other live events in Fortnite, this one will most likely be a fully interactive event. And Fortnite has also informed content creators that this event won't be replayable.

So if you're a content creator, make sure to record all proceedings during the event.

As for when you need to login, it's recommended that you login 30 minutes before the event begins to avoid any server related issues.

That being said, the Fortnite live event will probably conclude with the destruction of a few major POIs in the game. Not only that, the game will enter into a downtime the moment the event concludes.

This is probably the first time we'll be seeing a downtime right after the event. And given the way Epic has set up the upcoming season, it won't be anything short of spectacular.

Let's see what the future holds for us loopers!

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