Fortnite Will Soon Have Avian Wildlife

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I'd be lying if I said Fortnite didn't have birds. The game does have birds but flightless ones. Based upon the information we've received after the Fortnite update today, Epic Games is probably working on wildlife that can fly.

These animals have been codenamed "Avian" and are expected to fly. If these animals do come to the game, they'll be the first flying animals that we see in Fortnite.


Flying animals could soon be a reality in Fortnite

Based upon the tweet above we can make an easy guess that this animal would, in all probability, be a bird. Given how important mobility is, these birds could help players fly around the island. That would give mobility the boost it needs.

Although it's unlikely that we'll be seeing these animals in Fortnite Season 7. The skies are crowded already, thanks to the UFOs. So these animals will come at a later season.


That being said, there's a high chance that these could be dragons as well. They were teased as a part of the quest dialogue back in the month of May.

I'm not really sure how I feel about seeing dragons in the game. I've had my fair share of these while playing Neverwinter. And Fortnite is the last place I'd want to see a dragon.

Either way, with all these animals coming in, Fortnite is taking a drastic step. The building mechanic of the game makes it unique anyway.


Now, with all the alien biomes and the ongoing storyline, Fortnite is probably becoming one of the most unique battle royales out there in the market today. That being said, this continuous stream of changes is something that is good for Fortnite in the longer run.

Battle royales often get boring and dull thanks to the monotonous gameplay. With all these new changes that the developers have planned for the game, Fortnite won't end up becoming monotonous.


But there is one very important question that I must ask everyone. What if, this animal that's being talked about, is a platypus?

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