Fortnite Leaks Hint at the Arrival of New POIs in Fortnite Season 9

Credit: EXP.GG

Credit: EXP.GG

Fortnite Season 8 finally saw the arrival of the Cube Town POI along with the Cube Queen herself. However, based on the information that data miners have been dishing out off late, there may be something more in store for us as we approach Fortnite Season 9.

Although there isn't any information of a major map change in the near future, we might be seeing something along those lines in the next season.

Here is everything we know about the leaks surrounding Fortnite Season 9.

Will there be any major map change in Fortnite Season 9?

This might not be a major map change to be honest. It's more like a change in a particular POI. Now we know that the Cube Town POI is filled with cubes, with the Cube Queen hovering over it.

That being said, if the leaks are to be true, the cubes at the Cube Town POI will start transforming into a pyramid towards the end of this season. And the pyramid that we've been hearing so much about, will finally take shape in Fortnite Season 9.

Popular Fortnite data miner Hypex believes that the Cube Queen will be holding her pickaxe high up above her after the Fortnite 18.30 update, that is slated to arrive next week.

Interestingly enough, something similar was revealed by a mysterious leaker on Reddit a few weeks back. As it is with most Fortnite leaks, they need to be taken with a pinch of salt when they come from random sources.

However, since Hypex talks about something similar, there's a high chance that this leak is indeed accurate. And if there is a pyramid that is actually forming in Fortnite Season 9, we might be seeing a desert biome in the next season as well.

And if the desert biome does come into being, then there's a chance that we'll be seeing a Mad Max themed cross over in Fortnite Season 9 as well. The same was teased in a loading screen around a month back.

So that is something we could be seeing as well.

This, however, isn't the only piece of information that was doing rounds on the internet with respect to Fortnite POIs. There are rumors of a new castle that could be spawning on the island in Fortnite Season 9 as well.

Once again, all the information that we've seen need to be taken with a pinch of salt. You never know when Epic Games might end up trolling data miners and leakers with false information.

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