Fortnite Leaks Hint At A New Named POI

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Fortnite Season 7 has been a bag of surprises. From an interesting alien invasion to the underlying ploy of the I.O., we've seen it all.

That being said, as the season slowly draws to an end, there are a few POIs on the island that will be destroyed. However, it's not like they won't be replaced.


Thanks to the initiative taken by a few data miners, recent Fortnite leaks suggest that a new POI may be coming to the game very soon.

Moreover, once the leak was out, even Fortnite and Donald Mustard, the Chief Creative Officer of the game tweeted about it. Their tweets go on to assure us that the POI will be in the game very soon.

Everything we know about the new POI in Fortnite

The leaks show a cafe of sorts, which many loopers within the community have taken to be a crossover between Fortnite and Among Us.

That being said, Innersloth Studios said that no collaboration was happening.

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But then again, that wouldn't really stop Fortnite from drawing inspiration from an extremely popular social game.


This POI is mostly I.O. centric. So expect it to be filled with I.O. agents once it goes live. That being said, there are a lot of files that have been codenamed as "MoleTask".

The codename indicates that there is a mole within the I.O. itself and that will probably spell trouble for the order.

Moreover, these file names hint that an Among Us inspired game mode could also be coming to Fortnite very soon.


That being said, the new POI is more or less slated to arrive. The rest is just speculation. The Fortnite 17.40 update goes live tomorrow.

And hopefully the update will start addressing all the questions that we've had for a while now.


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