Fortnite Leaks Hint at the Arrival of a New Game Mechanic

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite has a lot of interesting mechanics already. Building, as a mechanic, makes the game a really unique one in the genre. However, that's one of the reasons many people hate the game too.

Either way, it's about time that Fortnite received an upgrade in the game mechanics. Keeping that in mind, recent leaks suggest that there are certain upgrades that are en route.

Everything we know about the new sliding mechanic in Fortnite

Data miners recently came across files pertaining to the new sliding mechanic in Fortnite. Although there is no specific date for the arrival of this mechanic till now, we may be seeing it sometime soon.

For now, the only sliding mechanic that exists in the game is when you're coming down a really steep slope. You cannot slide in any other manner, unless its on a creative map separately.

As a mechanic, the sliding mechanic didn't exist in Fortnite till now. However, it looks like this is about to change.

We're still not sure how this mechanic will activate and how everything will work, but incorporating a sliding mechanic will surely change things a lot in Fortnite.

There are a few added bonuses that we'll be receiving with the sliding mechanic.

  • You will be able to shoot while sliding.
  • The surface on which you're sliding and the angle at which you're sliding will greatly affect your sliding speed.
  • There will be a subsequent delay of 2 seconds between each consecutive slide. And finally,
  • Your field of view will be increased by 15 when sliding.

These benefits will drastically change the way the game is played as a whole. And I'm sure that loopers will be looking to exploit this mechanic more often than not in Fortnite whenever it goes live.

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