Leaks Hint At A Potential New Weapon In Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 7 has a really interesting list of weapons that you can use in the game. As the season progresses, I'm pretty sure we'll have more weapons that we'll be introduced to.

In a recent tease on the Fortnite Twitter account, Epic Games sent out a very cryptic tweet. Leaks brought forward by the data miners in the community hint that the teaser is a nod to an upcoming weapon.


Leaks hint at a new weapon in Fortnite

About a few minutes back, a tweet appeared on the Fortnite Twitter account that read as follows:

"A "big boom in a small package"? Let’s see what IO has up their sleeve this time."

This tweet just goes on to prove how cryptic Epic Games can be at times. This tweet sent the entire community in a spiral as well. Everyone was trying to decipher what this tweet means.


That being said, popular Fortnite data miner Hypex believes that this tweet could refer to two different things altogether. Although both are weapons of sorts, they're slightly different in nature.

The first one is the weird object that we see inside the buildings at Corny Complex. From the image that's seen this weapon looks like a throwable of sorts.


Since the tweet says the word "boom", it has to be an explosive anyway. Moreover, the way it's built, it does look like an explosive. It'll be fun to see what this weapon does.

Secondly, this tweet could also hint at the upcoming pistol that's been code named as "Bad News." This pistol apparently shoots plasma just like the UFOs. It's going to be pretty awesome if we get either of these weapons.

Given that there's an update tomorrow, we just might see the arrival of either of the two weapons we've spoken about above. Or, Epic Games could just troll us all like they do from time to time and release something that we're not expecting at all.

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