Fortnite Leaks Hint At A Possible Mad Max Collaboration

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Credit: Image via MAC cosmetics

When it comes to Fortnite, impossible is nothing. The game has seen tons of collaborations. That being said, recent leaks suggest that there could be a Mad Max collaboration in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Season 7 is almost about to end. And with it, leaks revolving around the next season have already started surfacing.


Everything we know about the possible Fortnite Mad Max collaboration

After the Fortnite 17.50 update, we saw a few loading screens that were leaked. Now, Fortnite has used such loading screens to tease upcoming content in the past.

Since they've already done so before, it only made sense if they ended up teasing a Mad Max Fortnite collaboration with another loading screen.

Now the issue here is, there aren't any major hints about the said collaboration. All we see is a car with a steering wheel which resembles the one we've seen in Mad Max movies.


Most of the Mad Max movies have also featured a wasteland/desert sort of a biome. A similar biome was seen in the loading screen as well.

Not only that, this loading screen in question also hinted at the possible return of the Primal Weapons.


All of this, for now, is just speculation. However, given the track record that Fortnite has, this could very much be true.

Besides, there have been several leaks previously that talked about a new biome in Fortnite Season 8. So there's a very high chance that this collaboration may come true.


That's all we know about the Mad Max Fortnite collaboration for now. Whether it comes true or not is something that only time will tell.

Tina Turner better be involved.

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