Fortnite Leaks Hint At A New Consumable In Fortnite Season 8

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 will be seeing a lot of changes in the overall structure of the game. From major map changes to a brand new consumable, the upcoming season will see it all.

It's been a while since Fortnite received a new consumable. And here's everything we know about the upcoming consumable in Fortnite Season 8.


Everything we know about the new consumable in Fortnite Season 8

This new consumable is known as the Desert Cactus. This was only discovered recently in the files. The presence of this consumable guarantees two things.

First of all, if this consumable is indeed coming to the game, we will definitely be seeing a desert biome in Fortnite. Because cacti are only found in deserts.

And secondly, if there is a desert biome that is in the works, that means we're in for some huge map changes as well.


Although there was a map change in Fortnite Season 7 itself, it wasn't anything that major. Recent leaks suggest that we might see a few POIs being destroyed as well.

Coming back to this new consumable, popular data miner Hypex believes that this consumable will stack like the tires stack currently. Other than that we'll be able to consume it as well.

Now what effect this consumable will have is still unknown. I'm sure we'll have more information on this as we close in on Fortnite Season 8.


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