Fortnite Leaks Hint at a New LTM Coming to Season 8

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Credit: Epic Games

Over the years, Fortnite has seen a lot of LTMs. From 50 V 50, to Horde Rush, there are a lot of exciting LTMs that Fortnite has had to offer each season.

That being said, leaks revealed a new LTM that is scheduled to come to Fortnite soon. And this LTM could potentially change the way we look at Fortnite.

Everything we know about the new Fortnite LTM

The LTM in question is the No Build Duos LTM. The estimated date of arrival for this LTM is still unknown, but it should be in game sometime during the course of Season 8.

That being said, this LTM eliminates the most common mechanic of the game, i.e. building. Building is a mechanic that not only makes Fortnite a complicated game, but also makes it stand out from the rest of the other games of the Battle Royale genre.

If this LTM is indeed in the works, and it does come out to be a reality, Fortnite would turn out to be just another battle royale. However, since a lot of players in the community have difficulty with building, there's a high chance that this LTM would actually sit well with the community.

As mentioned before, building is Fortnite's unique selling point. And without this mechanic, it wouldn't be any different from Call of Duty Warzone or Apex Legends.

However, it will still be fun to see how the community reacts to the the upcoming LTM. The absence of build battles will surely be a sight to watch.

Most importantly, since the build battles are restricted to the final circle, it's going to be interesting to see what new strategies the community comes up with in order to grab that Victory Royale.

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