Leaks Reveal Multiple New Skins for Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 7 has been a thrilling ride so far. Be it the countless collaborations like Rick and Superman or be it Fortnite Originals like Agent Jones in a new avatar, players have been treated to countless new in-game cosmetics.

Having said that, notable Fortnite data miner, Shiina has recently revealed that apart from the leaked collabs that have been revealed so far, Epic is also working on "many Fortnite Originals" that are likely to be released in the upcoming months.


Let's dive in and take a look at the leaked skins as well as when they might be arriving.

New Leaked Skins in Fortnite

With the Free Guy skin being the latest collaboration in Fortnite, there have been various leaks suggesting the next big collaboration to be with a popular anime character, Naruto. Nevertheless, there are even more Fortnite Originals that could be introduced to the game very soon. Be it the leader of the IO, or the Foundation, it is safe to say that Epic Games does have a lot of upcoming outfits lined up.


This array of unreleased skins does guarantee the fact that the developers are truly focused on having something to offer for everyone that enjoys Fortnite.

When are these new skins coming to Fortnite?

Given that there has been no official information from Epic Games regarding the unreleased skins, it is extremely difficult to determine when these skins will be available in Fortnite. However, based on previous leaks and information revealed by Epic Games, it is safe to say that most of these leaked skins will be release in 2021 itself.


Having said that, it is almost certain that the developers won't be releasing all of these skins at once. Considering the upcoming collaboration with Chris Hemsworth from Extraction, it is likely that a major part of these unreleased skins will be made available in Fortnite Season 8.