Shang-Chi is Coming To Fortnite

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Credit: Image via Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fortnite Season 7 has played host to a plethora of in-game collaborations and based on the latest leaks, a Shang-Chi collab might be in the works.

According to notable Fortnite data miner Shiina, a Shang-Chi collaboration will be released in the game on 2nd September. However, the data miner hasn't provided any further details regarding the upcoming collaboration in Fortnite Season 7.


Shang-Chi in Fortnite

Fortnite has witnessed a ton of collaborations with Marvel and the MCU in previous seasons. With that in mind, the release of a Shang-Chi collaboration in Fortnite on the same day the movie releases isn't entirely a surprise for the Fortnite community.

However, it will indeed be interesting to see the design of Shang-Chi's outfit in Fortnite. Given that the release of the collaboration coincides with the release of the movie, it is expected that the in-game outfit will bear several resemblances with Shang-Chi's appearance in the MCU.


Considering all the recent collaborations that Fortnite has witnessed, it is safe to say that most fans are eagerly waiting for a piece of the original storyline. However, with Epic Games presenting a non-stop flow of collaborations, it is safe to say that the developers truly have something to offer for everyone.

Having said that, fans can also expect other popular characters from the movie to make an appearance in Fortnite. However, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games as of now and all of this remains a mere data mining leak.

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