Fortnite Leakers Claim Another Walking Dead Collaboration Is Coming In Season 7

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Recently, Fortnite collaborated with The Walking Dead. However, many fans did not like this version and said it was too bare-bones. It did feel like an additional skin rather than a full-on collaboration.

It appears Epic Games will collaborate again with The Walking Dead following recent updates to the game. The notable leaker HYPEX hasn't been silent about a possible Fortnite addition, and they are usually correct. I would prefer this collaboration not to be about the TV show but TellTale's world.

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Fortnite may get another Walking Dead collaboration in Season 7

A Walking Dead collaboration spread a zombie invasion to Fortnite last December that fans loved to the core. With its cinematic trailer and skins, it connected both worlds seamlessly. Michonne and Darryl led the charge, but I hope we'll see an extended universe character or two in Fortnite this time.

Through their Battle Royale game, Epic Games had a unique opportunity to extend the Walking Dead storyline. While it was a success, the previous Walking Dead crossover lacked a complete storyline and a wide range of characters. Epic Games may continue the universe forged by TellTale since it has more room for updates.

On Twitter, HYPEX suggested the in-game files contained information leading up to more Walking Dead items for Fortnite in the future. The next event should be good content since the last meeting between the two companies inspired several cosmetics and creative game modes. Following the success of the collaboration events in the past, Epic Games fans are eagerly awaiting Season 8's launch around a month from now.

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