Fortnite Item Shop Celebrates Independence Day With Fourth of July Themed Items

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Cosmetic skins have been added for every holiday in Fortnite. With the Fourth of July coming up, Fortnite has even more skins to offer. During the celebration, these will all be available for purchase in the item shop. After that, they will be gone.

The leaks revealed that Epic Games would introduce Nitrojerry to the Fortnite Item Shop to celebrate the Fourth of July. Nitrojerry is here, and they were correct. Along with Ka-Bong, some old and familiar skins are also returning under the "It's back" category.

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Fortnite Item Shop Has Independence Day Themed Skins

Although Nitrojerry is not currently available as a complete bundle, players can purchase the cosmetics separately. There is the NitroJerry (skin), which offers two edit styles, Fizzle (back bling), and of course, Short Fuse (emote), which will only be triggered upon winning a match. Buying the bundle will cost players 1,500 V-Bucks.

The rest of the set includes Sparklaxe (harvesting tool), Boomer (glider), and Roman Candle (emote); these additional cosmetics cost a total of 1,800 V-Bucks. However, besides the main Nitrojerry set and the Boomer, the rest of the cosmetics are not really worth the cost.

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The Fortnite Item Shop has three more OG skins for July 4th Celebrations


In celebration of the July 4th holiday, the battle royale game has brought back three of the OG skins of Fortnite Chapter 1. Fireworks Team Leader (skin) and Blasting Cap (back bling) are included in the Fireworks Team Leader set, which costs 1,500 V-Bucks.

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These are good deals

Other options include Fireworks (wrap) and Rocket Spinner, which are less flashy. Neither of these two products cost more than 500 V-Bucks but show patriotic spirit. While the exact date for these skins to disappear from the Item shop is unknown, it is expected that they will not stay there very long after the July 4th celebration is over.

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