Fortnite Is Sending Content Creators LeBron James Promotional Goodies

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The partnership between Lebron James and Fortnite is tremendous for Epic Games. Lebron will likely use this deal to promote his upcoming movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy. As the partnership progresses, it would appear that a lot more is going into it than just a skin.

The Fortnite Mural in Chicago, for example, helped give players a release date for the skin. Now, it appears Epic Games has gone out of its way to give influencers reasons to promote the skin. Apparently, Fortnite is making a big deal out of this skin, which is more than what we thought.


Fortnite Players speculate on Lebron Icon Skin

Players have had a lot to look forward to with Fortnite Season 7. Regular updates and events have kept gamers busy during this Alien-themed season. The alien theme is also in keeping with the theme of Space Jam, and the Lebron skin since aliens (the Monstars) are the main antagonists of that franchise.

The promotion campaigns for Fortnite's most recent collaboration event indicate that it's likely to be a big deal. The speculation began when a wall mural appeared in Chicago a few weeks ago. A golden crown was displayed between two wings on the mural.


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Many groups speculated on what this mural could mean, but no one was able to predict it. Within a few days, data miners revealed that LeBron James would appear in Fortnite as the following icon series cosmetic. Additionally, data miner Hypex found LeBron James' introductory line inside the game files.

Since then, confirmations have been pouring in. According to several data miners, it appears that the LeBron James x Fortnite collaboration event will take place soon. Almost immediately after the announcement of the event, Fortnite loopers began anticipating it.

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Influencers receive gifts from Fortnite for the Lebron James Collab

Epic Games has just rolled out several items exclusively for streamers as part of the Fortnite x LeBron James partnership. To promote the Lebron skin, Epic Games has distributed promotional packages to popular content creators.


SypherPK is one of the few Fortnite players who received this gift from the developers. SypherPK posted an unboxing video to his Instagram account to show what's in the surprise Fortnite x LeBron merchandise box. As part of the Fortnite x LeBron James collaboration event, SypherPK has revealed that Epic has given him a golden crown and a note.

The note read:

"On July 14th, the Fortnite Item Shop will be taken over by an icon like no other. Until then, feel free to consider yourself Fortnite's interim king." "So long as the Crown fits!" #KINGHASARRIVED

LeBron James x Fortnite is happening for real, as confirmed by this note. Gamer's anticipation is already building up for July 14th's event. Fortnite players have also reported seeing a wall mural. There is a strong possibility that the mural is a tease for the upcoming Fortnite x LeBron James collaboration.

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