Where To Repair IO Equipment In Fortnite?

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Our stance on the IO and the alien invasion can get quite confusing in Fortnite Season 7 sometimes. At a point of time we're plotting the destruction of the IO, and at another time we're helping them out.

Thanks to one particular Fortnite week 13 challenge. We now need to repair IO equipment. But how do we know which equipment needs repairing?


Where to repair IO equipment in Fortnite?

First things first, you need to make your way to one of the six odd satellite stations that are scattered all over the island in Fortnite.

If you're having trouble finding out where these bases are, head over here to know their locations. If you know where they are, make your way to one of the satellite bases and head on inside.

Once you're inside the bases, all you need to do is start scouting all the equipment one by one. You will come across some items which have a blue glow to it.


Approach these items and then interact with them. The button you use to interact with these items will differ based upon your key bindings and the platform you're playing on.

Interact with three such items and you'll find yourself 30,000 XP richer! But yes, don't forget that these are still IO controlled satellite stations.


Watch your corners while repairing these objects because there might be an IO guard or two lurking around.

Good luck!

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