How To Play The Impostor Game Mode In Fortnite Season 7

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We're finally getting a version of Among Us in Fortnite. Although InnerSloth studios has denied any sort of collaboration with Epic Games, the Fortnite update today brought to us Epic Games' very own version of the popular social deduction game.

The Impostors game mode in Fortnite will probably go live right after the Fortnite downtime ends today. It will be fun to see how the entire thing turns out to be.


Here is everything that we know about the Impostors game mode in Fortnite.

Everything we know about the Fortnite Impostors game mode

The Fortnite Impostors game mode has been included to the files after the Fortnite 17.40 update. And from the looks of it, this LTM might just be the most played LTM in the upcoming days.


This LTM was being heavily teased for a while now. It's got it's own set of POIs for players to explore.

Moreover, this LTM has its own set of quests too for loopers to complete. Although they don't offer a lot of XP upon completion, every drop counts.

I'm not sure if these XP related quests in the Fortnite Impostors game mode will be a recurring deal. If it is, loopers could quite literally grind out the entire battle pass in this game mode itself.

That being said, just like Among Us, the Fortnite Impostors game mode needs a minimum of 4 players and can have a maximum of 10 players.

Unlike the popular social deduction game, the Fortnite Impostors game mode is set within the I.O. offices. Funnily enough, the default skin for this game is the Jonesy skin.


We're still not sure if you would be able to pick a skin from your locker and head into the game, but that does seem very unlikely.

The Fortnite Impostors game mode will also feature a quick chat option and short cinematics will also be there, according to few prominent data miners.


That's all we know about the Fortnite Impostors game mode for now. We'll update this bit as and when we receive more information about it.

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