Fortnite: What is Tarping And How To Master It?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is off to a glorious start with a new alien invasion theme. Naturally, players are teaming up with friends to form trios and squads for custom matches and tournaments.

While the dynamics remain the same for everyone, each member of the squad or trio must play an active role in-game. To understand this better players need to recognise their forte and take up the role which is most suitable for them.

So if you're wondering what is tarping in Fortnite or what's the role of a tarper in a squad, then we have you covered.

Here is everything you need to know about tarping, and how to master it quickly.


There are three major roles that players can take up in a trio or squad format. First and foremost, the IGL, which is perhaps the most difficult of the lot.

Then we have the fragger, who is essentially a mechanically skilled player with impeccable aim.
Finally, we have the support role, which can often be the game-changer.

What is Tarping?

The term tarping in Fortnite means creating a safe passage for teammates from zone to zone. This can be done by building tunnels and advanced structures that will allow the team to rotate without taking gunfire from the enemy.

Essentially, this role can be taken up by any teammate and should be a prerequisite for every player in the team.

Tarping or tunnelling is the best way to travel during the last few circles in a competitive match. Watching some of the best professional players will give you a basic idea of tunnelling. However, one needs to practice it rigorously to master this trick.

While building structures from zone to zone, the tarper has to cautiously navigate their team through enemy territory. Thus, players need to be impeccable builders in Fortnite to fill this role in a squad or trio format.

To become a successful tarper, players need to master efficient material utilisation, structure placement, piece control, turbo editing, and map knowledge. In short, they'll have to know every inch of the map, and quickly chalk out the best route to reach that destination.

Players who mastered the art of tarping essentially dominate the game during storm surges. Their proficiency in building can turn the tide of a match in the end zone.

Tips and tricks

You can lead your team to a proper vantage point to gain the upper hand over the enemies. Similarly, tarping without map knowledge can endanger the team by leading them directly towards the opponents.
Hence, to master tarping, players need to have a keen grasp of positioning on the map.

One needs to master how to build tunnels and fortify them from every direction to avoid the enemy's gunfire. At the same time, editing needs to be on point for any sort of tunnelling.

Players can create tunnels in a straight line, or diagonally, whichever they prefer. Incorporating editing with both these techniques can make a difference in the game.

Subsequently, basic tunnels in Fortnite require over 20 mats. Hence, material management becomes quintessential. Whether you build with wood, brick or metal is secondary, what matters is how you build a safe tunnel with minimum mats.

This will improve with practice and end circle experience. Competitive Fortnite matches are tough, and in order to win, every player needs to know how to tarp in a squad or trio.

Players can learn by watching how the pros do it in FNCS matches. Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson, one of the finest players in the game, has a unique diagonal tunnelling method that is easy to learn. Practising this technique over time will allow players to move diagonally from zone to zone.

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