Fortnite: How To Obtain Armored Kratos

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Fortnite Season 5 has finally arrived, and it is packed full of content.

The new interactable NPC's and the bounties are among the biggest highlights from the new season.


As well, some of the skins within the battle pass are amazing.

The new partnership between Sony and Fortnite took a turn last night, as they released Kratos into the item shop.

The Ghost of Sparta will not be in the item shop forever, so better grab him while you can.

As well, players have noticed there is another variant of this skin; with Kratos dawning a full set of armor.


Here's how you can obtain this skin! 



Unfortunately, it appears the armored version of Kratos is a PlayStation exclusive. 


The Kratos skin itself will cost you around 1500 Vbucks in the item shop, and you also have the option to buy the entire God of War bundle for 2200 Vbucks.

The bundle includes: 

  • Leviathan axe
  • Guardian shield glider
  • Kratos 
  • Mimir back bling

If you own a PS5 and you have purchased the skin all you need to do is to head into a match with the skin equipped. 


This will automatically unlock the new variant!

In your previous feats as Kratos, you’ve probably put on many different kinds of armor. As a nod to his Norse adventures, when you play a match of Fortnite on your PlayStation 5 after purchasing the Kratos Outfit, you’ll unlock the Armored Kratos Style in glorious gold.

We wonder if the rumored Halo Masterchief skin is going to have an Xbox exclusive style!