How To Get The Chrome Cloudcruiser Umbrella In Fortnite

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The Cloudcruiser Fortnite umbrella was introduced with the Rift Tour. Epic Games gave loopers with this umbrella for free, provided they could finish a set of quests.

Now, a chrome version of this umbrella is also available, and it's for free too. All you need to do is, finish a set of quests.


Just like the other quests in the game, the quests surrounding the Chrome Cloudcruiser umbrella aren't that difficult to complete, if you know what you're doing.

That being said, here is everything that you need to do in order to finish up the quests and bag yourselves the free Fortnite Chrome Cloudcruiser umbrella.

How to get the Chrome Cloudcruiser Fortnite umbrella for free

In order to get this umbrella, there are four quests that you need to complete. Other than the umbrella, you also get some good XP for completing these challenges.


That being said, here are all the details.

  • Play 10 matches with friends (30K XP): Very simple challenge. All you need to do is invite your friends to a party and complete 10 matches.
  • Open Cosmic Chests (30K XP): Cosmic chests are chests in Fortnite that yield alien artifacts as well. The only downside is that you can't open these chests alone, you need to be in a party.
  • Use as alien hologram pad at Risky Reels or at the Sheriff's Office (30K XP): Thanks to the rift tour, many hologram pads turned up all over the island. You need to head over to either of the two locations mentioned and use them in order to complete this challenge.

The moment you complete all the three quests that are mentioned above, you'll end up being awarded with the Chrome Cloudcruiser Fortnite umbrella for free.

The associated quests aren't difficult at all. However, it may be a task getting friends to play 10 games at a stretch.

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