Fortnite's Grab-itron/Gravity Gun On the Way

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With all the new weapons Fortnite players have seen over the course of Chapter 2, Season 7, there is one that fans are still waiting on.

First seen in the opening cinematic for Season 7, the Gravity Gun will allow players to grab objects and hurl them at other players.

Now, it looks like the gun will be added to the game soon.

Fortnite's GRAB-ITRON Gun

Data miners have found the new gun in the Fortnite files with the codename "GravyGoblin."

The GRAB-ITRON will be enabled in Fortnite 17.21, and will be able to be found in Suppy Drops, Floor and Chest loot, Mothership Loot, as well as on top of Abductors.

The Grabitron will allow players to pick up objects similar to how a Saucer's tractor beam does.

The heavier the item, the slower a player will move and the slower the object will travel through the air.

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