Fortnite Gives Street Fighter's Cammy a Much Needed Makeover

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Since her introduction to Super Street Fighter II, Cammy suffered from Female Fighting Game Character Syndrome.

Many people also know this as over-sexualization.


Wearing nothing but the equivalent of a one-piece bathing suit, gloves, and some bodypaint on her legs, the British fighter was a "cheeky" addition to the Street Fighter II roster.

It did not help that in later games, she would be given a deep v-neck, showing up amble cleavage as well as her rear end.

It took Epic Games and Cammy's addition to Fortnite to fix her outdated design.

Fortnite's Cammy

Fortnite Cammy
BETTER: Not perfect, but better

Cammy's introduction to Fortnite gave the character two distinct visual styles, both different from her Capcom origins yet recognizable to any Street Fighter fan.

Cammy keeps her signature red beret and long, blonde braids.

Her first style even keeps the basis of the green one-piece the character debuted with.

Her should straps and chest strap from recent games appear in both styles, but her "cheeks" do not.

Both Cammy styles feature the character fully covered from the waist down.

Her first style replaces painted bare legs with leggings the feature a similar pattern to the body paint players are familiar with.

Her second style gives her camo pants a tactical belt, replacing the bathing suit top with a zippered crop top.


Both designs are more tasteful, family-friendly while still allowing the character to keep her signature look.

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Oversexalization in Fighting Games

Oversexualiztion of female characters in fighting games has always been a problem, with many character dressed in skimpy outfits and given exaggerated "assets."

While there are certainly exceptions to this, in more cases than not, women are portrayed as sex symbols in many fighting games, become more undressed and with more jiggle-physics as their series go on.

In recent times it seems only Mortal Kombat has toned down the sexuality of their female characters, while cranking up the violence and brutality of its games.

Fortnite's visual style is very distinct, and while the game is rated "T" for violence, it remains a rather family-friendly game, with many of its players younger than its rating would suggest.


Cammy's Fortnite visual style is a refreshing update to the character, and one that should make its way back to the Street Fighter games.

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