Fortnite Ghostbusters Skin: Release Date, Skin Price, Backbling, Glider, Pickaxe, Punch Card Challenges, How To Unlock It And Everything We Know

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 already has Marvel characters and the near arrival of Galactus but perhaps another major franchise is about to receive representation!

A Ghostbusters Bundle has been referenced in Fortnite’s code, and in a Legacy so skins and cosmetics from this franchise must be just around the corner.

We can’t wait!

In Item Shop Now

If you are looking to pick up the Ghostbusters set you better act fast.

As the set is now in the item shop and will only be in the shop for a few more days!

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Fortnite: Ghostbusters Skin Info

Release Date

We don’t currently know the release date for the Ghostbusters bundle but we are sure it must be soon!

A Chapter 2 Season Legacy called I Collect Spores, Molds, and Fungus was just added.

This is a line from Ghostbusters, is said by Egon Spengler, and requires a player to gather a Foraged Item while in a Ghostbusters outfit.

We don’t need more evidence than that!

But we have it, you can find an Ecto-1 right now under a tarp in a barn-like building just like it is in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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Source: Columbia Pictures

Pretty clear evidence right?

Skin Price

This apparently going to be a Ghostbusters bundle, likely multiple skins with a pickaxe and back bling all in together.

As such we aren’t too sure what price the skin will be at.

Current bundles sell for 2,000-2,800 v-Bucks or £10.99 for another so this will likely be in the range of those prices.

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Back Bling

The only appropriate back bling for a Ghostbuster would-be a proton pack, so this will probably be the back bling for the characters.

We might see some kind of Slimer back bling too, maybe.

This is just a guess but it could also be cool to have the ghost as a pet!


The Ghostbusters don’t have a glider but we can think of a few.

A flying Ecto-1 which they hang under could be cool, or perhaps a Slimer inspired glider?

Our other bet would be a proton pack glider, perhaps using the beam as a sail in some way?

Unlikely but possible!


Harvest Tool

We hope for some kind of proton pack pickaxe, but honestly, any guess is as good as ours!

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Punch Card Challenges

We’re not sure what punch cards we will get if any but, we did get another legacy.

I Collect Spores, Molds, and Fungus was just added and this will help you unlock the legacy punch card!