Fortnite's Lady Orelia, the Female Oro NPC, Foreshadowing Quest Line, Golden Lara Croft

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Fortnite's 16.40 update has landed and a new NPC rises from the southern seas.

Orelia, the female counterpart to Fortnite's Oro, resides on Isla Nublada offering a Legendary Assault Rifle to those who can best her in battle.

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There may even be a secret for Lara Croft to discover on Isla Nublada.


Where to Find Lady Orelia

Fortnite Isla Nublada location
MAP: A new island has formed just south of Flush Factory

"Rumors say Orelia doesn’t reside on the mainland — word has it that an ancient structure mysteriously rose from the ocean in the south, with a gleaming monarch offering help in exchange for a tribute of Bars. Word also has it that not everyone who’s sought her help has returned."

Lady Orelia is found on Isla Nublada, a new POI located just south of Flush Factory.


The island is easily seen on the map and can be reached by landing there, swimming, or taking a boat.

Lady Orelia will accept and offering of Gold Bars in exchange for a Legendary Assault Rifle, a mighty weapon for a might price.

Other secrets await players on Isla Nublada, as well, including a new Quest Line.

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Foreshadowing Quest Line

Lady Orelia also kicks off the Foreshadowing Quest Line, though to what end is still unclear.

The quests in this line include:

  • Repair damaged telescopes
  • Use CB Radio
  • Investigate downed black helicopter
  • Place warning sign at crop circle
  • Destroy spooky TV sets

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Golden Lara Croft

Fortnite Golden Lara Croft
GOLDEN: Lara goes golden

"For those who intend to find favor with the empress of gold, try doing so with different Outfits equipped — all are eligible to receive her help, but she may have one more bestowal in store..."


One last secret lies within Isla Nublada, and that is the Golden Lara Croft style.

Players who wish to unlock Golden Lara Croft only need to obtain the Legendary AR from Lady Orelia while the Lara Croft skin is equipped.

Doing so will unlock Golden Lara Croft once the match is complete.

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