Fortnite Community Calls For A Gordon Ramsay Collaboration

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The Fortnite community is full of surprises at times. They've always been critical of Epic Games when they've gone overboard with the collaborations. They've also been supportive of the Fortnite when it was necessary.

Overall, the community knows when it needs to get creative. That being said, there was one particular question that was floating on Reddit a couple of days back. And the community had a very interesting answer to it.


Fortnite community expresses their desire to see Gordon Ramsay in the game

When asked about the the only collaboration they would want to see in Fortnite, a fan promptly answered that they'd be elated to see Gordon Ramsay join Fortnite.


Although it's unlikely that Epic Games would take this into consideration, they could just surprise us. That being said, Gordon Ramsay is popular enough to fit into the Fortnite world itself.

He's been a part of many shows like Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen to name a few. Epic Games and Fortnite is known to align themselves with popular celebrities such as these when it comes to collaborations in the game.

As per the document that was leaked during the Apple vs Epic Games trials, we got to know that collaborations with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga was on the cards. Not only that, there was a LeBron James collaboration as well, that will go live in Fortnite soon.


Given that Fortnite has collaborated with big names in the past, and has plans to do so in the future as well, Gordon Ramsay would be a nice addition to Fortnite.

That being said, we probably won't be having any food related collaborations for a while. The last food themed bundle, the "Knights of The Food Court" didn't perform that well in the game. Although it wasn't a collaboration, food themed cosmetics don't quite sit well with fans.

If, however, Gordon Ramsay does get added to the game, he'll be the first culinary expert to be added to Fortnite. That being said, we'll have to wait for Epic Games to make a comment on this. Till then, let's just enjoy the upcoming LeBron James Icon Series Fortnite skin.

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