Fortnite: Has the Next Marvel Hero Skin Been Revealed?

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If you’re wondering who the next superhero coming to Fortnite is, we may have an answer.

Hypex Leak — The Letter C

Back on August 30, Fortnite data miner Hypex teased an “upcoming fireball ability from a character [whose] name starts with C.”


There are a few possibilities here — names like Captain Marvel and Cannonball have been suggested pretty often — but, as reported by Fortnite Intel, YouTuber SypherPK thinks he’s called it.

Sypher’s Prediction

In a new video analyzing the Hypex leak, Sypher names a Marvel hero called Crystal, who made her first-ever appearance in 1965’s Fantastic Four #45.


She’s got a lot different powers at her disposal, but one of them seems to be a match.

Who Is Crystal in the Marvel Universe?

Crystal is one of the Inhumans, a member of the royal family of Attilan, and onetime, um, flame of Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch.

Crystal possesses the power of pyrokinesis, or “the psionic ability to manipulate fire, cause it to grow in size and intensity, and take any form that she desires,” according to the Marvel Fandom wiki.


“She can also douse any oxidizing flame by altering the ionization potential of the outer electron shells of oxygen atoms. This fire burns only what she desires.”

Sure seems to line up with the info in Hypex’s data-mine hints.

So when will Crystal show up in the game?

Well, sometime in season four, naturally. If she’s really coming to the game, it’ll probably be in the next several weeks.