Emoting In Fortnite Can Now Heal You

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As loopers we've all had our fair share of annoyance with emotes in Fortnite. You've just come out of an intense fire fight, and you're healing yourself. You get third partied by some random looper waiting in the bushes, and then they proceed to emote.

Yes we've all been a victim of it, and honestly, we've indulged in it too. But what if I told you, emotes were getting an upgrade?

The future of emotes in Fortnite

According to data miner Hypex, there's a feature in the works. This feature will allow you to gain health by performing a specific set of emotes in front of NPCs.

He goes on to say that you don't necessarily need to own the emote to do it. There's very little data available with respect to this feature for now. But from the looks of it, it could add a new dynamic to Fortnite.

When you're emoting in front of an NPC, they'll throw chug splashes at you. And the longer you emote, the more splashes you'll receive. However, you must remember that an NPC can hold only 20 splashes.

While this sounds fabulous, there's a chance that this may paint a huge target on your back. Given that you'll have to emote in front of the NPCs for this to work, you may just be a sitting duck.

This is a perfect opportunity for enemy loopers to take a shot at you.

That being said, this feature isn't in the game yet. Nor do we have any estimated time of arrival on this. Since it just got upgraded, I feel there's a chance that we may get to see this in the Fortnite 17.10 update.

The Fortnite 17.10 update goes live this Tuesday. Personally, I'm expecting a few changes to the map in the upcoming update. Are you?

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