Progressive Fortnite Skins Coming to The Crew

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Fortnite's monthly Crew subscription is a great deal, but it is about to get better for members who maintain a subscription over time.

There is currently no incentive for members to keep a Crew subscription active, with players subscribing and canceling as items and bonuses strike their fancy.


Sure, there are the 1000 V-Bucks per month, but that is not enough to entice many members to keep an active subscription unless there is something they like in the current month's pack.

That is about to change with Progressive Skins.

Fortnite Crew Progressive Skin Packs


Twitter user, and well-known Fortnite leaker, @HYPEX posted information recently on Progressive Skin Packs coming to Fortnite Crew.

Possibly starting in September, Progressive Skins will unlock more features over several months as long as players maintain their Fortnite Crew subscription.

Players will always have an idea of what comes next for the current Progressive Skin before the next month of The Crew starts, and each Progressive Skin will at least come with a custom loading screen.

This adds a ton more value to an already valuable Crew subscription, allowing members to earn special items that no other player has the ability to obtain.

This also allows Epic flexibility in their design of new skins, adding new features to a cosmetic over the course of several months, tweaking and perfecting them as time goes on, according to player feedback.

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When Will Players See Progressive Skins?

Fortnite Calamity
CALAMITY: Will Progressive Skins work similar to previously-released Battle Pass skins?

Fortnite players may see the first Progressive Skin as soon as September.

HYPEX has stated their information shows the first Progressive Skin is still being worked on, meaning Fortnite fans will not see it in the upcoming August Crew Pack, which will most likely feature Ava.

What If Players Cancel The Crew?

There is currently no solid information on exactly how Progressive Skins will work or what happens if a player cancels their Crew subscription at any point during a Progressive Skin unlock.

More information will be posted here once it is available.

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