The Cosmic Summer Challenges Were A Real Challenge For The Fortnite Community

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Most events in Fortnite are fun and easy to complete. The Cosmic Summer Challenges however, failed to hit that mark.

Like many loopers pointed out, the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges required a lot of grind. To make things worse, these weren't in the regular game mode. They were all based in Creative LTMs in Fortnite.

It's no surprise that not many casual players love the Creative Mode. The problem is that the Creative Mode in Fortnite focuses on building a lot, and thus is a haven for sweats.

Loopers who find building difficult don't exactly find the Creative Mode in Fortnite very comfortable. Now since we've developed a small idea about the said mode, let's dive into the problems with the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges.

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What went wrong with the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges?

Yes, the rewards were interesting. Everyone received a lot of free cosmetics. However, were these cosmetics really worth the effort? It's okay to have cosmetics locked behind challenges, but locking them behind a specific mode? That's not really fair.

First things first, some of the challenges were located in the Zone Wars map. Now, that is probably one of the most boring maps either. It focuses heavily on building, and that is something most casual players don't really enjoy.

Secondly, the challenges associated with these modes were really grindy. It's easy to get three or four eliminations at times. However, you push the number to more than ten and the challenge automatically gets boring.

Similarly, if you talk about the challenges in the Pro100 LTM, it's boring to continuously revive a team mate for 20 odd times. Suppose you're in a team of 2 then that's a total of 40 revives that you'll have to sit through. The number just increases with the number of members you have in a team.

What makes matters worse is you'll have 30 health when you're revived. But if you die and respawn, you'll have 200 health.

The Freaky Flights was the only mode that I personally enjoyed. Planes are something you don't see too often in Fortnite. Moreover, these planes have somewhat of a legacy embedded in the game so it's fun to see them once in a while.


The worst part is, none of these challenges were associated with the main game itself. I feel there would have been a higher completion rate had they been in the Fortnite battle royale mode.

Epic Games, however, has a history of making things grindy. Remember The Spy Within LTM back in winter? If luck wasn't on your side, you'd have to wait for a while before you could complete the challenges associated with being a spy. But then again, that's just one mode.

That being said, the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges was a complete miss in my opinion. However, they did make us feel the summer heat thanks the unforgiving grind.