Fortnite’s Marvel Hero Abilities Are Pretty Broken

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Competitive Fortnite’s suffering as a result of all these Marvel superpowers.

Fortnite Intel’s published multiple stories bemoaning the new abilities added in season four, and this isn’t the first time competitive Fortnite has been affected by game-breaking content.


Fortnite’s Marvel Abilities Don’t Feel Competitive

Who doesn’t want to play as Thor or Iron Man in Fortnite? Obviously, these new Avengers skins are great to look at. It’s a fun theme that honors a storytelling universe loved by many.

But good design — with a sense of fairness and balance — is critical to a fun multiplayer experience. Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer are two big examples of how this new Marvel season is hurting competitive Fortnite.

Hopefully, we’ll see a patch address some of these issues soon.


Doctor Doom’s Gauntlets

Doom’s gauntlets are broken, Fortnite Intel points out, because their cooldown is tied to each individual player, rather than the pick-up itself.

Naturally, the pros are using the ability, dropping it for the partner to exploit, and swapping it back and forth for an “infinite” combo effect. Doom indeed.

Surfer’s board, meanwhile, is probably the best evasive move you can make in Fortnite. Merely having it means you can weasel your way out of almost any situation.


“If there’s a way to abuse a particular mechanic,” Fortnite Intel says, “competitive and pro players are going to find it — it’s the nature of any competitive game.”

Anyone who’s ever played competitive Magic, or “cheesed” a Destiny raid, knows how true this is. As a friend once put it: gamers gonna game.

And Fortnite’s one of the hottest games in town. Epic probably shouldn’t ignore this.