Fortnite Command Symbol Location: Where to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

The Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8 is a strange looking symbol. None of us are really sure of what it does, but it definitely has something to do with those cube monsters that Ariana Grande has us hunting.

In order to activate these Command Symbols, you will need to know where to find them on the map. This can be slightly tricky since they don't really show up normally on the map.

Here's our very own guide to finding and revealing the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8.

Where to find the Command Symbol in Fortnite?

There are five basic locations where you can find the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8. The locations are as follows:

  • Believer Beach
  • Retail Row
  • Misty Meadows
  • Weeping Woods
  • Corny Crops

Here's a map showing you the locations of the same. Please note that these locations are approximations of where you can find them.

Fortnite Command Symbol Location
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Fortnite Command Symbol Location

If you land in the area, it won't be that difficult for you to spot the Command Symbol since it will appear as a small exclamation mark on your mini map.

Once you've approached the spot, you will see three beacons sticking out of the ground. When you approach these beacons, you will be shown a small hologram of a character doing a pose.

All you need to do is imitate that pose and move on to the next beacon. Do this thrice and you will have revealed the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8.

You need only activate one Command Symbol in order to complete this challenge. This isn't as easy as it seems, so it's best you attempt this challenge with a team mate who could potentially watch your back while you work on this challenge.

Good luck!

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