Fortnite Chinese New Year 2021 Event: Date, Time, Skins, Glider, Loading Screen And Everything You Need To Know

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Chinese New Year is quickly approaching us, the worldwide holiday is celebrated by millions of people across the world and it seems Fortnite has something special in store for us.

Last year, Epic Games released some Lunar New Year skins along with some in-game fireworks.


We can assume the same will be said this year when the holiday rolls around.

Here's all we know!


One of the Chinese promotional posters spotted!


 It is not known as of now if Epic Games is intending to implement some sort of event across their severs.

We can assume if there is going to be some sort of event, it will be related to fireworks or something along the lines.


Chinese New Year for 2021 is set for February 12th, 2021!


So, keep an eye out for Fortnite's social media in the coming weeks for news regarding skins or any possible event! 


Fortnite always releases special holiday-themed skins for certain occasions.

Check out some of the skins that were released last year for Chinese New Year. 


Leaks? Rumors? 

Over the next couple of leaks, we will be sure to update this page with any news regarding the Chinese New Year event!