Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline Guide

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is currently in its first week, and players are tasked with completing all the new Quests and challenges added as Punch Cards.

While most of these challenges are relatively straightforward, some of them can be particularly tricky. Most of these Punch Card questlines have five stages, and players will have to complete them all to earn the maximum amount of XP.


If you are wondering how to complete the new Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, then we have you covered. In this guide, we will discuss how players can quickly complete all the stages of this Questline.

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How To Complete The Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

The Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline is evenly spread out across the map, so players will have to visit specific POIs to complete the challenges.

The Surf Turf Questline incorporates all the essential challenges needed to gain maximum XP from the Punch card. The Season 8 battle pass has several new characters which players can unlock by completing all the challenges.

Most of these challenges will be related to specific questlines, so always focus on finishing every activity in-game.


Where Is Scuba Jonesy Located In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

To start the Surf Turf Questline, you must first locate and interact with Scuba Jonesy. Players will find Scuba Jonesy at the south of Coral Cove landmark, near the Coral Castle POI.

There are five stages to complete this new Surf Turf Questline in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Players will have to complete all the stages to gain all the XP and progress in the battle pass.

Stage 1 - Swim At Both Lazy Lake And Lake Canoe (12K XP)

Upon interacting with Scuba Jonesy you will get the first stage of the quest. To complete it, you will have to swim at both Lazy Lake and Lake Canoe.

Lake Canoe is a landmark located right between Dirty Docks and Lazy Lake. It's not a hot-drop which makes it easier for players to complete the first part of the challenge. For the second part, land right on the canal near Lazy Lake to complete the first stage of this questline.


Stage 2 - Submerge A Driven Vehicle In A Large Body Of Water (14K XP)

For this stage, players will have to drive a vehicle and drown it at any lake in Fortnite Season 8. Vehicles are relatively easy to find this season, and dropping at a POI close to the water is the best option to complete this stage quickly.

Scuba Jonesy is located at Coral Castle, and it will be easy to find a vehicle at Believers Beach. Makes sure to drive the vehicle up to a certain point before dropping it in the ocean.

Stage 3 - Throw A Fish Back In The Water (16K XP)

For the third stage of the challenge, players will have to throw a flopper back into any of the water bodies in Fortnite Season 8. This is perhaps the easiest stage of the challenge, and you will need to get hold of a fishing rod to complete this task.

Several fishing rods are present at Believers Beach, and players can complete this challenge quickly at the POI. All you need to do is get one fish and throw it back in the water to complete this stage of the challenge.

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Stage 4 - Hunt Wildlife (18K XP)

The fourth stage is where players will have to improvise and hunt wildlife found all across the map in Season 8.

The raven is the latest inclusion to the animal life that spawns on the Fortnite island. To complete this challenge quickly, hunt a chicken or a frog, whichever you spot first.

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Stage 5 - Consume A Fish and Meat In A Single Match (20,000 XP)

Players will need to consume fish and meat to complete the final stage of the Scuba Jonesy Surf Turf Questline in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

This is relatively straightforward and you will need to get a fishing rod to get floppers. Once the fish is done, head down to Corny Crops to hunt Chickens for free meat.


Alternatively, players can do these challenges in a squad lobby where a team bonus is available. That way one of your teammates can consume a fish, while the other hunts for meat.

This is how players can complete the new Surf Turf Questline quickly in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. The most efficient method to unlock all the cosmetics from the battle pass is to keep grinding the game with your squad!

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