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Where To Find Mending Machines In Fortnite

Apart from farming for consumables, you can now buy stuff from the Mending Machines. These machines are placed all over the island in Fortnite, and will sell you nice little boosters for gold.

Thanks to the Fortnite weekly quests, you need to purchase a shield potion from these Mending Machines. Both the small pot and the big pot can be purchased, but the price may be a bit high.

Where to find these Fortnite Mending Machines?

As mentioned before, these Fortnite Mending Machines are spread out all over the island. This map shows the location of all the Fortnite Mending Machines.

Image via YouTube (@perfectscore)
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Image via YouTube (@perfectscore)

All you need to do is walk up to one of these machines and select what you want to buy. The small shield potion costs 30 gold while the large shield potion costs around 120 gold.


Given that we've just started the season, I understand that it's difficult to gather gold so early. There are a few ways in which you can acquire the gold. For starters, you can destroy furniture and loot chests to acquire gold.

You can also go over to a payphone and accept one of those quests in exchange for gold. Every payphone quest that you complete will give you around 80 gold. So if you finish 2 quests, you'll have enough for a big shield potion.

Either way, whichever shield potion you choose to purchase won't really matter. As long as you purchase a shield potion, you'll score for the Fortnite weekly quest.

Whenever you're approaching any Fortnite Mending Machine though, be careful. These quests have just gone live and almost everyone is running to complete it. If you want to stay alive while completing this mission, try approaching some Fortnite Mending Machines that aren't on the battle bus route.