How To Deal Explosive Damage To Enemies And Structures In Fortnite Season 7

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Fortnite Season 7 is in its second week and the developers have released a new set of Epic Quests for players to earn XP from.

One specific Epic-tier quest from week 2 requires players to deal 500 explosive damage to either enemies or structures found on the map. Considering the massive 30,000 XP available for players to boost their Battle Pass progression, it seems safe to say that everyone would want to complete this quest at the earliest.


Although players can simply use grenades or rocket launchers to deal explosive damage, this process can be fairly lengthy and can require players to go through multiple games before completing the quest. Having said that, there is one specific method using which players can complete this quest very quickly and earn the respective 30,000 XP for their Seasonal Battle Pass progression.

The fastest method to deal Explosive Damage to Enemies and Structures

In order to quickly deal explosive damage to enemies and structures in Fortnite Season 7, fans are advised to get into a UFO and start firing at random structures on the map. The UFOs that have been introduced in Fortnite Season 7 as a part of the Alien Invasion theme are capable of inflicting massive bursts of explosive damage.

Although the accuracy of the shots fired from a UFO is questionable, the amount of explosive damage dealt by these alien flying vessels will allow players to complete their Epic Quest in a single game.


Nevertheless, players who are finding it difficult to board a UFO can always try out grenades and rocket launchers to deal explosive damage to enemies and structures.

Players should note that they will have to deal a total of 500 damage to complete this specific quest and earn the designated 30,000 XP for their Battle Pass progression.

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