Where to Visit the Guardian Towers in Fortnite

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The Guardian Towers rose alongside The Spire when the Wilds spread through Apollo Island in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6.

Though The Spire is gone, the Towers remain, possibly still guarding something.


One of the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 10 Epic Challenges is to visit three of the six Guardian Towers that look over The Aftermath.

Where to Visit the Guardian Towers

Fortnite Guardian Tower locations
TOWERS: The Wilds are gone, but the Towers still stand

Fortnite's Guardian Towers are still in the same places they were last Season, forming a circle around where The Spire once stood.


Now they seem to guard nothing but The Aftermath, though it is possible there is more to these now abandoned mysterious towers.

Players only need to visit three of the six towers in order to complete the Epic Quest and receive 30,000XP.

The Return of Kevin the Cube?

Theories of the connection between the Guardian Towers and Kevin the Cube rise once again with this challenge, along with visions of Kevin on the Apollo Island map during the Rift Tour.

Could the famous Cube finally come back to Fortnite?

Who knows, but there are plenty of players out there who are hoping this is the case.


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