We May Lose Coral Castle Very Soon

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Fortnite hasn't seen any map changes yet. However, given the recent leaks that we've been seeing, major map changes may be on the cards.

It's still now clear when these map changes will occur, but they will definitely have a huge impact on the future of the game.

The fate of Coral Castle in Fortnite


Coral Castle has been a very silent POI in Fortnite. Not many people land there. But then again, this place does have it's fair share of treasure chests, and fishing spots.

It's not the easiest places to rotate out of, but it's a nice place to loot in peace. That being said, popular data miners revealed information that Coral Castle was all set to be destroyed.

When this would happen is still unclear, but it should happen pretty soon. I'm guessing it won't happen in the Fortnite 17.10 update because it's too early to have something so huge. Maybe this will happen after the Fortnite 17.20 update or even later.

There's a theory that suggests the Alien Mothership will be responsible for destroying Coral Castle in Fortnite. But there isn't enough claim to back it up just yet. Other than that, the Alien Mothership is still far away from Coral Castle.


Finally, there are a few fossils that may reveal themselves once Coral Castle is destroyed. Data miners found the evidence in some files. How these fossils came to be is still a mystery, but hopefully that will be explained once Coral Castle is actually destroyed.

It'll be interesting to see the POI replacing this place. I'm not sure what they plan to replace it with but hopefully, it will have something to do with the lore.

That being said, I'll be sad when they pull the trigger on Coral Castle in Fortnite. I wonder if someone's reported to the EPA though!