UFOs Are Here To Make Lives Difficult For Sweats In Fortnite

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Fortnite fans have been complaining about sweats for a while now. Sweats are those loopers who go the extra mile in order to win even in public matches.

These loopers have a few trademarked skins that they use. They can also build up entire castles while you're still figuring out your way to build a tiny box. These unnecessary builds can be very intimidating and unnerving at times.


Yes, there's a huge difference in the skill gap in Fortnite these days. But fear not, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 saw the inclusion of UFOs and it looks like we've got ourselves an anti-sweat device.

Are these UFOs in Fortnite an anti-sweat device?

If used effectively, these alien vehicles can make you powerful enough to go head on against a sweat in game.

Thanks to the magnet-like beam these UFOs use to lift and drop objects (and loopers), you can break builds in no time. All you need to do is lift up a big stone, or a car and then simply toss it into a build.


If that's not enough, these UFOs also fire some sort of cannons in Fortnite. They're not that powerful (thank god) but they can effectively break through builds as well.

If you find a particular player annoying you too much, you could just lift them up with your UFO and drop them in the middle of a gun fight. Or even better, you could drop them in the storm. Although, if you do that, please remember, you'll be losing health for being out in the storm yourself.


That being said, the UFO is a pretty powerful vehicle in Fortnite. If you can effectively use it, you'll probably end up winning the match. This however, makes the competition slightly unfair as well, thanks to it's versatility.

Epic Games was kind enough to remove the UFOs from the competitive mode. The competitive mode, or the Arena mode, as it is rightly known, is a place for everyone to showcase their skills, so the UFOs don't belong there. The public matches however, are a place for fun and games, so these vehicles definitely feel at home here.