Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Could See A Star Trek Collab

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If you're a Star Trek nerd like me, you'll be really happy to learn that a possible Star Trek x Fortnite crossover may be in the works. But, of course, this crossover was teased a long time back.

We had spotted a Star Trek poster in the background of one of Donald Mustard's tweets. If I'm not very wrong, that tweet was sometime in February this year. The fact that Donald Mustard teased a Star Trek x Fortnite crossover months before it happened shows how well planned the storyline of Fortnite is.


When is the Fortnite x Star Trek crossover happening?

This crossover will happen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 itself. Although there's no specific date yet, there are several pieces of evidence to prove that the crossover will happen in this season itself.

Firstly, when we analyzed the first audio piece in a spectrogram, we saw the message, "UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION MALFUNCTION." This is a reference from Star Trek: Discovery, a show airing on multiple OTT platforms.


Secondly, there was a post in the discord server that said "Perfunctory Salutations." This message was accompanied by a hand gesture made famous by the Vulcans.

This evidence, coupled with the teaser from February, strongly suggests a Star Trek x Fortnite crossover on the cards.


And since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 will see many aliens, it's the best season to get the folks from Star Trek involved in the storyline.

The amount of collaborations that Fortnite has been indulging in is mind-boggling. It's safe to say that they hold the highest number of IPs, thanks to these collaborations. Moreover, Epic Games has successfully managed to build themselves a meta-verse involving all these characters from different universes.

Although there have been previous instances where I've seen Marvel and DC characters side by side, I've personally never seen characters from the Marvel, DC and the G.I. Joe universe on the same screen.