Where To Find The Egg Launcher In Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite's Easter Egg Launcher is returning in Season 6!

As part of the Spring Breakout event, this holiday-themed weapon is being re-introduced to celebrate the occasion.

Just like the Easter Bunny, it can be hard to find!

Here's where to find the Egg Launcher In Fortnite.

Where To Find The Egg Launcher In Fortnite

The Egg Launcher is a legendary weapon, meaning it's not going to be common to come across.

It can be bought by locating the new character Webster.

Webster is located at the Gas 'n' Grub. Its located to the South of Colossal Crops.

He'll be roaming around the roadside holding the brand new egg launcher weapon.

The weapon first arrived in 2018's 'Spring It Out!' event and tends to return each Easter for a limited-time.

Like all launchers, it uses rocket ammo to fire.

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