Where Is Isla Nublada And Orelia In Fortnite?

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Fortnite's latest update, update 16.40, has added a new location and a new NPC!

Oro's female counterpart has arrived on the island in a secluded area of the map. Orelia's located on the Isla Nublada.

Here's where to find her.

Where Is Isla Nublada And Orelia?

Orelia is located on Isla Nublada, which is located on the island south of Flush Factory.

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You'll be able to spot it as you fly in past Flush Factory (which is located to the South of the main island).

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It's a secluded island that's out of the way from the usual busy POIs, but it does harbour a Legendary AR for going out of your way...providing you can defeat Orelia or escape alive.

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