How To Tame A Dinosaur In Fortnite

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Raptors are now running wild in Fortnite Season 6!

With the island going Primal, it was inevitable that Jurassic Park would steal the spotlight in some way (sorry Lara).

The dinosaurs eggs that were found a few weeks ago have now fully hatched and a new animal can now be interacted with.

Here's where to find Raptors and how to tame them!

Where To Find Raptors

The Raptors can be found where their eggs are located.

These eggs are located in the north-east of Pleasant Park.

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I've personally found success in Weeping Woods on a few occasions and would recommend there.

They give off a distinct noise that sounds very similar to the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park.

How To Tame Raptors

To tame Raptors you will need to obtain a Huntercloak or Meat.

Can You Ride Raptors In Fortnite?

No, you can not ride Raptors in Fortnite.

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