How To Get The Grappler Bow In Fortnite

fortnite, grappler

fortnite, grappler

A new Bow variant has arrived in Fortnite Season 6 - The Grappler Bow!

Inspired by the latest Batman crossover, the Grappler Bow takes the dull weapon we've all come to know since being added in Season 6 and gives it some purpose.

When used, players can grapple to certain locations as well as deal some serious damage!

Here's how to get the Grappler Bow Exotic Weapon in Fortnite Season 6.

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How To Get The Grappler Bow In Fortnite

To get the Grappler Bow, you'll need to speak to the Lara Croft NPC in Fortnite.

She's located at Stealthy Strongholds, which is to the north of the map.

Lara Croft is located in Stealthy Strongholds
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Lara Croft is located in Stealthy Strongholds

Usually, she can be spotted walking around the ruins towards the centre of the POI.

She'll sell you the Exotic Weapon for just 500 gold bars!

This weapon comes with two arrows by default.

If you buy more, you'll get more ammo but collecting arrows should restore more ammo.

The arrow has a reload time of 1 second, while only allowing the player to fire one at a time.

It will deal 89 damage to a player.

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