Fortnite Season 6: All Milestones And Blue Rarity Quests This Season

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With a new season in Fortnite, it means a refresh for Fortnite quests.

Season 6 has added new and old milestone quests for players to earn XP for simply doing the things they normally do.

It's a great way to earn those new skins in the Battle Pass such as Lara Croft!

Here are all of the blue milestone quests in Fortnite Season 6.

All Milestone Quests In Season 6 Of Fortnite

  • Tame Wildlife
  • Assist teammates with eliminations
  • Bow Eliminations
  • Catch Fish
  • Collect Animal Bones
  • Collect Meat
  • Collect Blue XP Coins
  • Collect Bars
  • Collect Gold XP Coins
  • Collect Green XP Coins
  • Collect Purple XP Coins
  • Complete Common Quests
  • Complete Uncommon Quests
  • Complete Rare Quests
  • Complete Epic Quests
  • Complete Legendary Quests
  • Complete Bounties
  • Craft Weapons
  • Don Disguises
  • Deal damage from Above
  • Damage to Vehicles with a Player Inside
  • Chop Down Trees
  • Destroy Shrubs
  • Destroy Stones
  • Damage Opponents
  • Eliminate opponents from 150m
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations
  • Eliminations with common/uncommon weapons
  • Explosives Eliminations
  • Pistol Eliminations
  • Eliminate Players
  • Showgun Eliminations
  • SMG Eliminations
  • Eliminations while driving or riding in a boat
  • Travel distance while gliding
  • Harpoon Eliminations
  • Harvest Stone
  • Head Shot Eliminations
  • Hit Weakpoints
  • Hunt Wildlife
  • Ignite opponents with Fire
  • Ignite structures with Fire
  • Consume Apples
  • Consume Bananas
  • Use Campfires
  • Consume Foraged Items
  • Consume Mushrooms
  • Lure Wildlife
  • Destroy sofas, beds, or chairs with a pickaxe
  • Melee damage to structures
  • Melee Eliminations
  • Reboot teammates
  • Refuel Vehicles
  • Revive Teammates
  • Search Ammo Boxes
  • Search Chests
  • Search Ice Machines
  • Search Supply Drops
  • Shakedown Opponents
  • Spend Bars
  • Sticky Eliminations
  • Travel distance while swimming
  • Thank the Bus Driver
  • Place Top 10
  • Travel distance on foot
  • Upgrade weapons
  • Use Bandages and Medkit
  • Use Shield Potions
  • Fish at Fishing Holes
  • Player structures destroyed in a Vehicle
  • Travel distance in a vehicle

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