Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Where To Find A Maple Syrup Stash At Hunter's Haven

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Epic Games has just released a brand new Fortnite season! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and brings more crazy battle-royale action.


This season sees the introduction of some brand new POIs along with a brand new questline for players to partake in during the match. 

Weekly challenges are back once again, and one of the first ones you can complete is rather tricky.

Here's where to find the maple syrup stash within Hunter's Haven! 



Hunter's Haven

One of the brand new locations on the Fortnite map is Hunter's Haven.

The 'Hunter's' are apparently all of the battle pass skins, as each of the buildings within this POI has specific rooms that match each cosmetic.

The maple syrup that you will need to find is rather simple, as it is just laying on one of the balconies of the buildings. 


All you have to do is interact with this item and you are good to go.

Another note is that the maple syrup is gold; so you should notice it! 

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This is one of the limited timed challenges, so if you do not get around to completing it soon, you may not have the chance at all! 

Better jump in-game now before it's too late!