Deal Damage Within 15 Seconds Of Gliding In Fortnite (Week 12 Season 5 Challenge)

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Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges bring more opportunities for players to grab XP.

One of the Epic challenges requires players to deal 200 damage within 15 seconds of gliding.


So how do you do this and what's the fastest way to do it?

Here's our guide to completing this Season 5 Epic Quest.

How To Glide In Fortnite

Gliding in Fortnite is really straight forward - you just need to glide using your glider/umbrella.


While it sounds obvious, you can't do it all of the time - especially if you're playing regular Battle Royale.

The obvious time to do this is at the start of the game when you jump out of the Battle Bus. Meaning you'd have 15 seconds upon landing to find a weapon, find an opponent and deal 200 damage.

So what can you do to make this easier?


Fortunately, in Team Rumble you can glide as much as you want.

Simply jump into the air and press the jump button again and you'll start to glide.

You need to allow for a sufficient amount of space between yourself and the ground to glide.

If you're aiming to do this quickly, you'll want to head to the final circle and build a structure.


Wait for your opponents to arrive, jump off, glide, near to them and shoot! It is that simple.

You should be aware that while gliding you are vulnerable. I suggest gliding to a safe distance away so you're less likely to be heard by opponents and hit them at a distance.

For that reason, its a good idea to grab a rifle.